Our Story

A Parent's Quest for a Better Clean

Dad with 2 kidsImagine a dad right in the middle of the busy life of parenting –he's dealing with taking care of two young kids, constantly changing messy diapers, and using tons of baby wipes for a good clean. These wet wipes were a game-changer for cleanliness, which got him thinking: If baby wipes work so well for kids, why are adults still using dry toilet paper?

The Surprising Truth About So-Called Flushable Wipes

This dad got curious and looked into "flushable wipes" to find a better cleaning option. What he discovered was surprising. He stumbled upon class action lawsuits surrounding these products and read countless stories from frustrated individuals dealing with expensive plumbing repairs due to clogs caused by these wipes. Cities were also feeling the financial strain (NYC spent $18 Million over 5 years cleaning fatbergs) and were urging consumers to stop flushing these products because they were wreaking havoc on city plumbing. Despite being marketed as flushable, these wipes often weren't, posing significant problems and costs for both individuals and municipalities.

Flushubbles: A Truly Septic Safe Solution

flushubbles foam dispenserThis discovery made him want to do something different. Enter Flushubbles. More than just a product, Flushubbles represented a shift in thinking – a challenge to the status quo. Why not embrace a simpler, more effective cleaning method after using the bathroom? With a focus on creating a biodegradable alternative flushable wipe that actually disintegrates, Flushubbles aimed to offer a septic safe, plumber approved alternative, ensuring no more clogs in toilets or sewer systems.

Flushubbles: The Honest and Effective Alternative to Dry Toilet Paper

flushubbles toilet paper foam

Welcome to Flushubbles, where honesty and innovation lead the way to a fresh alternative to traditional dry toilet paper. We're firm believers in the power of simplicity. Embark on this journey with us, where a dad's simple moment of realization has led to an easy and effective way to stay clean. Here, we focus on providing the best flushable wipes alternative that is truly safe for home plumbing systems.

Say Goodbye to Clogs: The Best Wet Wipe Alternative

Try Flushubbles – the top choice for an alternative wipe that actually disintegrates, offering a septic safe, convenient and environmentally friendly cleanliness. Forget the frustration of toilet clogs or the concern of city sewer clogs. Our unique toilet paper foam is a gentle and effective butt wipe alternative that's gentle on pipes and effective for cleaning, marking the end of plumbing woes. Join the Flushubbles family today and simplify your post-poop routine with ease and peace of mind.